Meet the Team

Our mission: Make true connections between the best U.S. Hispanic audience and our business partners in a brand safe, premium, and culturally relevant ecosystem powered by passion, quality, integrity, and fun.

Augusto Romano


Digital Media and Marketing executive with 22 years in this field. Recognized for his business vision and leadership.

Hernán Zungri

Senior Vice-president Sales & Ops

Over 15 years engaging brands with Digital Marketing. Data-driven, results-oriented.

Jorge Rivera Agosto

Supply-side Ad Ops Director

Programmatic Revenue Manager. Works with our strategic partners in the ad tech space to drive growth and revenue.

Krystal Trinta

Product Director (Blink & DAM)

Supervise that all programmatic campaigns are implemented correctly, are performing in optimize conditions and that all goals are met for every client.

Xiomara Cabral

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Plans, manage, prioritize and execute administrative tasks, and interfaces with all Administrative staff on behalf of the CEO

Ana Guerrero

Key Accounts Director

Over 15 years of experience in client management, leading teams, digital strategy, audiovisual and website production.

Stefan Garcia

Sales & Clients Success Manager

National sales executive with experience in media planning. Stefan brings a unique understanding of the digital landscape, which allows him to recommend the best solutions to achieve the desired results.

Delfina Rossi

Business Development Manager

Sales Ops Manager, with +5 years of experience in the industry. My role is responsible for ensuring that the campaigns, pre-launch, live and post launch process are well implemented. Also, I’m oriented towards the communication process, ensuring that both the sales and ops team can work with a fluent workflow.

Marcos Sosa

Publisher Account Manager

Digital Native. Business and client oriented with 8+ yrs in Digital Marketing. Marcos brings all his knowledge and experience to the team to build a strong relationship with actual and potential premium publishers.

Daniela Mild

Senior Data Scientist

Experienced digital marketer. Works closely to the publishers to maximize inventory value and to develop new opportunities.

Maria Teresa Valle

Sales & Clients Success Manager

Digital marketing specialist with 10 years of experience, creating strategies with brands and leading campaigns in the paid media field.

Wilfredo Quijano

Sales & Clients Success Manager

Professional with 8+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Specialist in the development of digital strategies for multiple industries, supported by strategic thinking and knowledge of multiple digital buying platforms.

Víctor Marte Frica

DHN Supply AdOps Manager

Specialist in online marketing strategies, works closely with internal stakeholders to marry the supply & demand side of Digo’s business.

Luciano Godoy

Ad Operations Manager

Internet & Technology enthusiast. Skilled in Digital Marketing with +4 years in the Industry, with focus on Programmatic Advertising, SEM, SEO and Media Planning.

Francela Reyes

Supply AdOps Trafficker

Support the needs of our Premium Publishers. Responsible for trafficking, and troubleshooting issues/challenges as they surface.

Ricardo Beltré

Ad Operations Trafficker

Digital Marketing passionate, results oriented, advertising expert with extensive experience in Google and Facebook Ads, digital campaign specialist, strategy and optimizer.

Interested in becoming part of our team?

Working at Digo Hispanic Media provides broad exposure to digital advertising. We train and develop professionals to move into a variety of roles and advance their career aspirations.