The Olympics

The Olympics

The Olympics Audiences

Leveraging Google Marketing Platform, and our 1st party Data, we have gathered some relevant audiences for clients like you that are advocates and promoters of Olympics sports and the athletes that represent our countries. Not only we identified users that don’t miss watching The Olympics, but also users that enjoy the top most entertaining sports. We can target all of these audiences very strategically with your message, taking advantage of their affinity with this content to promote your brand in a relevant manner.

Tokyo 2020+1

It is a new chapter of this glorious event full of extraordinary people giving the best of themselves, delivering perfection in every move, breaking records, and aiming to win with a 10/10. This audience follows the Olympics because of their passion for sports, the different disciplines that are involved in this event, and of course because they want their favorite athlete or their country to bring home GOLD.


US 33.8M
PR 1.2M
DR 2.6M

The Ballers

This audience follows the NBA during their regular season, the All Star Games, the Finals, and of course each time their country is out there representing their flag. There are four quarters where nobody knows what’s going to happen, and the final minutes that feels like a lifetime.


US 6.68M
PR 3.3M
DR 3.08M

The ones that enjoy all the jumps!

This is art! This is rhythm, music, movement, coordination…this is perfection. This audience is mystified and delighted with the movements and strength of these athletes.


US 1.41M
PR 361K
DR 51.6K

The Bolts

Run Forrest, run! This audience enjoys every step on the track field. Rooting hard from the other side of the TV for their favorites athletes so they can bring home the Gold.


US 9.66M
PR 512K
DR 241K

The Rockys

Let’s get ready to rumble! The bell announces the beginning of 9 rounds with pure adrenaline. Uppercuts, hooks, swings; this audience is ready to see all of the quick moves and excitement in the ring.


US 12.4M
PR 361K
DR 428K

The Volleyball Fanatics

Volleyball is a discipline that has very loyal fans. This audience loves the way the teams coordinate their moves in the court and how they come together to beat their rival.


US 6.94M
PR 282K
DR 754K

The Tennis Fans

Whether its the Wimbledon, the US Open, and of course the Olympics, they are super fans of tennis events and they never miss a match.


US 10.7M
PR 505K
DR 2.15M

The Whiff Whaff

They love the sound of the ball hitting the table and paddles and watching how fast the players move behind that tiny ball.


US 551K
PR 405K
DR 60.3K

The Olympics are a wonderful metaphor for world cooperation, the kind of international competition that’s wholesome and healthy, an interplay between countries that represents the best in all of us.

— John Williams