Connect to the

U.S. Hispanic audience

in ways you’ve never
done before.

Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L) and Digo join forces to provide the most powerful solution for growing your brand in the U.S. Hispanic market.

Hispanic population and labor force growth are setting the pace to be the next demographic phenomenon, with Hispanics accounting for over half of the U.S. population growth from 2016 to 2020 and up to 80% by 2040–2045.

L2L and Digo:

Combine strategic thinking with the most advanced technologies to make your brand welcome in the house of 51 million U.S. Hispanics through non-traditional media.

Now your brand can leverage L2L’s experience in high impact, socially transformative projects for the Hispanic community with Digo’s unparalleled combination of premium publishers, data, and digital tools to reach and connect with U.S. Hispanic market.

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“Marketing is changing, and businesses must look to non-traditional means to promote their goods while building brand loyalty. The world is undergoing a digital evolution, and as new technologies create more personalized immersive experiences, businesses must be open to engaging consumers with consistent, well-thought-out strategies connecting physical and digital spaces. It is not a secret that marketing professionals are now looking to these digital tools to reach desired demographics better.”

Renzo Ferro, VP of Account Services & Operations at Latin2Latin + Communications (L2L)

We know that African Americans, Hispanics and younger generations are handling this new technological era with ease. This doesn’t mean that business owners who don’t fall under these categories should despair. They should, however, look to consultative marketing and digital firms that are evolving with the times and can offer solutions and strategies that are consistent with this new digital era.

Augusto Romano, CEO of Digo

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